25 Deer by Jeannie Abbott

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April 10, 2015 by Miranda

Musketaquid Arts And Environment: 25 Years of Celebrating the Confluence of Art and Nature

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written by Jeannie Abbott

It was one of those moments when you know more is going on than meets the eye. Last November a deer wandered into my yard and around to the front door. Curious, she kept looking in the window at us looking out at her. This went on for some time, and when I went outside she let me stand quietly nearby.

Later, contemplating the visit, I was touched by memories of many personal experiences with deer and other animals. I made a deer sculpture out of found natural materials as a playful and creative way to express gratitude for ways these experiences have enriched my life.

And so the story of the deer continues to grow. Having the privilege of being intimately involved with Musketaquid themes and activities over all these 25 years, I have begun to see that when we as a community express our love and gratitude through playful and serious creative activities, the place where we live responds with its love for us.

This experience has inspired my art piece for the Earth Month Exhibit and expresses my feelings about our theme, “25 Years of Celebrating the Confluence of Art and Nature.” I have made 25 deer sculptures, each representing one of the years we as a community have been celebrating our home.

It has meant so much to me and has been wonderful beyond words to be part of a group of humans who feel and express gratitude for where we live and who lives here with us.

After this show closes, the deer will be placed outside as an offering of thanksgiving. Each will be put at a place that was important in some way during one of those 25 years.

If you happen upon one of these deer while you are outside wandering around, you may want to pause a moment and consider what stories of animals or plants or place have spoken to you and how they have enriched your life.

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