The Umbrella in the Community

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Since its founding in 1983, The Umbrella has served as a dynamic community arts center and has significantly enriched the lives of people in and around Concord. The Umbrella’s high-quality programs, teachers, and artists are at the heart of the organization. These offerings and individuals would be excellent in any context, but their value is immeasurably enhanced by their relationships with each other and by their contributions to the community in which the Umbrella is embedded.

Enriching Lives

In addition to offering quality programs, The Umbrella enriches the life of the community by:

  • Nurturing creative expression in people of all ages
  • Fostering a community of artists
  • Building innovative multidisciplinary initiatives
  • Encouraging community organizations and community collaboration

Some of the specific ways that The Umbrella does this are:

  • Offering space in the building (including The Umbrella Theater) for rent to other organizations for their performances and meetings
  • Spearheading the founding of the Concord Arts Collaborative
  • Inviting artists from the larger region to participate in art exhibitions and events such as Winter Market and the Earth Month Exhibit
  • Participating in initiatives coordinated by others in our community, such as the Chamber of Commerce’s Art Walk and events organized by the local Climate Action Network

Creativity, Collaboration, and Community

In 2008, The Umbrella board and staff adopted a statement of values that emphasizes community relationships: Creativity, Collaboration, Community


We recognize the creative potential in everyone and we believe that the arts are central to realizing this potential.
We believe that the creative process fosters self-discovery and expression, providing a powerful means for learning, understanding, communication, and teaching.
We believe that the full expression of creativity results in productive and successful individuals who make meaningful contributions to society, increasing the quality of life.


A collaborative approach informs everything we do, including our approach to internal management and leadership of the organization, our activities and programs, and our engagement with the community.
We respect the diversity of perspectives that individuals and groups bring to the pursuit and achievement of our mission.


We are committed to making the arts accessible to all.
We believe that our programs and activities strengthen the community and that we, in turn, are strengthened by the community’s participation in and response to our programs.
We believe that the arts are central to a vibrant and sustainable community.